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Why am I doing?

Happily married to my wife, Carolyn. Happily involved in a full-time job & 900 side projects. The work that I do helps fuel causes that I support, and also drives personal development and social connections.
(This is my version of being an “entrepreneur” except I don’t need complicated financing schemes)

How am I doing?

I’m enthusiastic, I’m usually quite overextended, and I’m lucky.

Where am I doing?

Current resident of Manhattan. Work in Manhattan. Much regional travel on weekends.

What am I doing?

IT Advisory Senior consultant at EY, aka Ernst & Young LLP as a primary full-time job.

Assistant Treasurer of Community Board 6 in the borough of Manhattan, New York City

Recently served almost 3 years as the Content Editor for the 2,000 member New York Cycle Club based in Manhattan, and serving a number of other organizational roles as well

Co-Organizer of the monthly-occurring East Village Tech Meetup (now on-off. Would love a co-host sometimes. Find me on Twitter or Meetup)

Occasional volunteer for Transportation Alternatives; donor to the Public Theater, New York Botanical Garden, Riders’ Alliance, Metafilter, and The Internet Archive; formerly volunteered with New York Cares, YWCA NYC, and other non-profit organizations.

Randomly, a freelance web producer & a freelance photographer. And an amateur/amateurish writer.

When am I doing?

As you may have guessed, I am “doing” something/anything all the time. Free time is not available in large amounts. Engaging with new interests and duties early in 2017. Interesting things are happening!